Detailed list of topics:

1: Clock synchronization.
	Lundelius and Lynch
	Attiya, Herzberg and Rajsbaum 
	Patt-Shamir and Rajsbaum
    Fault tolerant clock synchronization.
	Srikanth and Toueg
	Halpern, Simons, Strong and Dolev

2: Practical synchronization protocols.
	Netowrk time protocol (NTP) (Mills)
	Tempo (Gusella and Zati)

3: Logical clocks and their applications.
	Lamport (time, clocks, ...)
	Mattern (vector clocks)
4: Other methods for achieving synchrony.
	Neiger and Toueg
	Chaudhuri, Gawlick and Lynch
    Bounds on the efficiency of synchronizers.
	Arjomandi, Fischer and Lynch
	Attiya and Mavronicolas
	Rhee and Welch

5: Mutual Exclusion, with known time bounds.
	Lamport (and Fischer)
	Alur, Taubenfeld
	Lynch, Shavit

6: Unknown time bounds (leader election, mutual exclusion and consensus)
	Reif and Spirakis
	Spirakis and Tampakas
	Attiya, Alur and Taubenfeld

7: Semi-synchronous systems, with crash failures.
	Cristian, Aghili, Strong and Dolev
	Gopal, Strong, Toueg and Cristian
	Attiya, Dwork, Lynch and Stockmeyer

8: Semi-synchronous systems, with more severe failures.
	Attiya and Djerassi-Shintel

9: Detection of message forwarding failures.*
	Herzberg and Kutten

10: Parctical uses of loosly synchronized clocks I, 
      cache consistency.
	Gray and Cheriton

11: Practical uses of loosly synchronized clocks II,
      communication protocols
	Attiya, Rappoport
	Attiya, Kleinberg and Lynch
12: Other topics *
	Coan, Thomas
	Coan, Welch

* Optional, if time permits.