Papers accepted to OPODIS 2023

  1. Attiya and Welch. Bounds on Worst-Case Responsiveness for Agreement Algorithms
  2. Attiya and Welch. Multi-Valued Connected Consensus: A New Perspective on Crusader Agreement and Adopt-Commit arxiv
  3. Attiya, Del Pozzo, Milani, Pavloff and Rapetti. The Synchronization Power of Auditable Registers arxiv
  4. Lev Lehman, Attiya and Hendler. Recoverable and Detectable Self-Implementations of Swap arxiv

Papers accepted to DISC 2023

Two regular papers:

Two brief announcments:


Two papers about the use of linearizable objects in randomized concurrent algorithms

The paper “Blunting an Adversary Against Randomized Concurrent Programs with Linearizable Implementations”, also with Constantin Enea and Jennifer Welch (see was accepted to PODC 2022.
The paper “Impossibility of Strongly-Linearizable Message-Passing Objects via Simulation by Single-Writer Registers”, with Constantin Enea and Jennifer Welch appeared in DISC 2021 (see DISC pre-recorded talk