cs236357: Distributed Algorithms (Winter 2000-1)

Lecture: Sun 10:30-12:30 (Taub 4)
Prof. Hagit Attiya, hagit@cs.technion.ac.il
Office hours: Sun 12:30-13:30, Taub 742, Ext. 4365

Recitation: Mon 8:30-9:30 (Taub 9)
Eddie Bortnikov, Edward.Bortnikov@compaq.com
Office hours: Tue 16:30-17:30, Tandem Labs Israel (Gutwirth park), Tel. 8323050 (ext 216)

Your grades are here.

5.3.2001At last, the final grades.
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30.1.2001Here are your grades.
24.1.2001Homework number 4 is posted.
Due date: 7.2.2001.
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Grades for assignment #3 will be published around 29.1.2001.
31.12.2000Until further notice, the strike does not apply to this course: Lectures are held.
There will be no recitation tomorrow (1.1.2001).
Please check project assignments, and notify me of errors/omissions.
31.12.2000Homework number 3 is posted.
Due date: 22.1.2001.
12.12.2000The hint for Question 2 in Homework 2 was modified.
3.12.2000The code of fast mutex (in postscript) was added to Homework 2.
28.11.2000Homework number 2 is posted.
Due date: 18.12.2000.
12.11.2000Project ideas are posted.
Project proposals due: 10.12.2000. Projects due: 28.1.2001
5.11.2000No recitation tomorrow (6.11.2000).
We will notify you about next week.
5.11.2000Homework number 1 is posted.
Due date: 27.11.2000.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction; syllabus will be availale soon.
  2. Leader election in rings.
  3. Mutual exclusion.
  4. Consensus.
  5. Wait-free simulations of shared objects.
  6. Additional topics, by lecturer’s choice.

The course uses the book Distributed Computing: Fundamentals, Simulations, and Advanced Topics by Attiya and Welch.
See the errata page for the book.

See also the previous incarnation of this course.

Lecture Notes:

Notes for all lectures, as well as slides of figures used can be found here.
Some other courses using the same book also have their notes/slides on the Web.

Home assignments:

  1. Home work number 1, Due 27.11.2000.
  2. Home work number 2, Due 18.12.2000.
  3. Home work number 3, Due 22.1.2001.
  4. Home work number 4, Due 7.2.2001.

Written Project:

A written project is an important part of the class duties; here are some suggestions.
Project proposals are due on 10.12.2000; here are the assignments.
Projects are due on 28.1.2001.

Copyright Notice:

You may use these materials for non-profit educational purposes without charge. I leave them online for students to reference throughout my course. I do not grant to you the right to publish these materials for profit, in either their original or formatted form.

Hagit Attiya, Department of Computer Science, Technion