Distributed Algorithms (Winter 1997-8)

Hagit Attiya

This page provides material for the course, as it becomes available; please check it once in a while.

The course uses a preliminary version of the book Distributed Computing by Attiya and Welch.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction; see the sylabus (Hebrew).
  2. Leader election in rings.
  3. Mutual exclusion.
  4. Consensus.
  5. Wait-free simulations of shared objects.

Lecture Notes:

Notes for all lectures, as well as slides of figures used can be found here.

Written Project:

Here are the instructions for the project (Hebrew), and some ideas for projects.

Project proposals due: 17.12.1997 (in class).

Written projects due: 1.2.1998.

Some final projects.

WWW Pointers:

There is a lot of material on distributed algorithms on the net. The Distributed Algorithms and Systems page is a good place to start.

Here is a good search engine for many bibliographies.

Copyright notice:

You may use these materials for non-profit educational purposes without charge. I leave them online for students to reference throughout my course. I do not grant to you the right to publish these materials for profit, in either their original or formatted form.

Hagit Attiya, Department of Computer Science, Technion