1. Specification and complexity of replicated objects, “virtual” keynote talk at 7th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data (PaPoC 2020). Video.
  2. Agreement and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System. In 3rd Winter School in Computer Science and Engineering on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. YouTube 
  3. Coordination without Agreement. In College de France, November 2018. Video.
  4. Specification and complexity of replicated objects. Invited talk at SSS, November 2016. slides (long version)
  5. Sharing memories, robustly. A Prezi presentation upon receiving the Dijkstra award, September 2011. (Needs Adobe Flash.)
  6. Inherent limitations can facilitate design and verification of concurrent programs, invited talk at Intel & Technion Symposium, 2011. slides Longer version given as HiPEACS seminar, April 2011.
  7. The inherent complexity of transactional memory and what to do about it, invited talk at PODC 2010. slides paper (in ACM DL) also in ICDCN 2011 (paper in Springer)
  8. Algorithms that Adapt to Contention, in Winter School: Hot Topics in Distributed Computing 2010. slides
  9. A World of (Im)Possibilities, a talk (with Jennifer Welch) at the Nancy Lynch Celebration in PODC 2008. slides
  10. When parallel met distributed, invited talk in SPAA 2008. slides
  11. A mile-high view of concurrent algorithms, in Workshop on the Verification of Concurrent Algorithms (COVA 2008). slides
  12. Highly-Concurrent Data Structures, talk in the LADIS 2007 workshop. slides  another version from the Multi-Core 2008 seminar at Ben-Gurion University.
  13. The Cost of Obstruction-Freedom, talk prepared for a national seminar on distributed computing at Ben-Gurion University. slides
  14. Adapting to Point Contention with Long-Lived Safe Agreement, invited talk in SIROCCO 2006. article slides photo
  15. Algorithms that Adapt to Contentionslides
  16. The Inherent Queuing Delay of Parallel Packet Switches. slides