Time in Distributed Systems (Course #236755)

Prerequisit (or concurrently): Distributed algorithms (#236357).
Time and place: Monday, 12:30-14:30 (Ullman 453)
Lecturer: Dr. Hagit Attiya.
Office hours: Monday, 14:30-15:30, Fishbach 455.

The course discusses how time assumptions influence computation in distributed systems. It presents ways to implement timing assumptions (e.g., clock synchronization and synchronizers) and to use them. It discusses various ways to model uncertainties in the system and to cope with them (mainly in the presence of failures).

The course is research-oriented: It covers mostly recent papers, attempts to study a variety of problems within a unified framework and emphasises open problems.

Course duties:

  1. Homework exercises (6-7 sets), individually
  2. Writing notes for one lecture or giving one lecture in class, in pairs.

Course handouts

  1. Detailed list of topics.
  2. Bibliography (coming shortly).

Other relevant pointers

  1. Bibliography on time in distributed Computing
  2. Directorate of Time.